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Have you ever wanted to transport yourself to a new city and explore it all? I did just that and spent a month living like a true local in one of my favorite cities, Paris! After exploring all of the neighborhoods, cafés, museums and more, I am sharing it all with you.

This 60 page digital download is packed full of my favorite bistros, where to shop and explore, the prettiest streets to take a stroll down and a few easy day trips you can take outside of the city. And so much more! I have also included some of my best tips for visiting Paris to make sure you visit the city with confidence. Ready to dive in?


Une Journée Indigo – My Guide To Paris


What’s Inside?


Both french food and non, I wanted to try all the things. I’m sharing my favorite Thai spot, great beef tartare, and the most incredible falafel you’ll ever have. I’ve also included a few bars to visit as well for a great cocktail. There are over 45 places to try between restaurants and bakeries.

Boulangeries, Sweets and More

Can’t leave out the sweets, sharing all my favorite bakeries and little sweet places for a dessert or coffee. I share the classic spots to visit, and also ones that are a little different!

Museums, Historical Sites, Parks and More

Visit all the things with my list of museums, historical monuments, landmarks and parks. There’s so much to see and take in and these are some of my must-visits if you’re in Paris.

Recommendations Within Recommendations

Instead of just listing out my favorite restaurant and what I ordered, most recommendations include where to head to next or which neighborhood it’s in so you can plan your visit.

Everything Is Linked To A Map

Add all the places in the guide to your Google Maps. This is one of my favorite travel tips as you can easily access my recommendations when you get to Paris. Everything is linked for your convenience.

Day Trips

So many places are accessible by a quick train ride from the city center of Paris. I’ve included several destinations within France that you can do in a single day. I’ve included details on visiting Giverney, Strasbourg, Versailles and Reims. I’ve left out Amsterdam, London and South of France as you can explore those all on my blog.


Q: How do I access the guide?

The guide is a PDF digital download so you can keep it on your computer or your phone. I would suggest adding it to your Books app so you can have it at your fingertips when you’re exploring Paris.

Q: Will this be updated in the future?

A: Yes, I plan to update this guide anytime I visit Paris in the future. I’ll update new restaurants, and museums and also remove anything that may have closed. All buyers will be sent updated versions since I will have your email upon purchase. This way, you get lifetime access to the information, even new info!

Q: I’ve been to Paris before, will this be helpful?

A: I’d like to think after spending a full month there that this will have some great spots you may have missed. You can only try so much in a week-long vacation. Plus, the day trips are really fun and easy!

Q: I love French food, but want to try other stuff, is it just all things French?

A: Lots of options! I have my favorite Thai spot, a mochi shop, Israeli food and so much more. There are even quite a few vegan and gluten-free bakery options I’ve included.

Q: What’s NOT in the guide?

A: Hotels. I have not had enough time in hotels to provide an honest recommendation to many. I include two that I’ve stayed in. And have also provided a referral to someone who can help you with your trip in the guide!

Q: I ordered the guide but don’t see it in my inbox!

A: Check your spam and promotions folder first to see if it ended up there. If you still can’t find it, please send me an email at jessica@anindigoday.com

Q : Do you offer refunds?

A : Since this is a digital download, all sales are final.

Q : When was this guide created?

A : This guide was last updated in November of 2022.

Ready to explore Paris?

Une Journée Indigo – My Guide To Paris


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