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Hello Clean Beauty

A Special $10 Gift Just For Joining

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Thank you so much for joining the clean beauty list! I’m happy you’re here and ready to make some changes with your skincare and beauty products. Even if you’re not on a clean beauty mission, these products are effective and work great for the whole family.

I want to share my passion for skincare with YOU so if you spend $125 or more at Beautycounter with me, you’ll get $10 back! Just make sure when you’re shopping with me that you see my name, Jessica Camerata, in the top right corner!

To claim your $10 reward, please email your order confirmation to beauty@mystylevita.com and your Venmo username.

Not Sure Where To Start?

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to toss everything in your home and start fresh. Start with something you’ve been wanting to try and if you have any products running low. You can also browse some of my favorite products and blog posts featuring Beautycounter below.

Face Oils

Learn more about face oils and how they can work for your skin type. Whether you’re oily, dry or combination, there’s an option for you! I promise, adding oil to your face will NOT make you more oily.

What About Retinol?

I actually go against The Never List here because I do believe Retinol is not dangerous when used properly. If you aren’t into it, that’s fine too. Beautycounter came out with a plant based retinol like product.

What’s The Right Regimen For Me?

If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, or where to start with a skincare routine. Don’t worry! The Beautycounter Skincare Quiz was designed to help you find the right system for your skin. The quiz takes less than 60 seconds to take and you’ll have your results INSTANTLY.

Take The Skincare Quiz

Get a personalized skincare routine just for you by answering these few questions! It takes less than a minute to get started with your cleaner skincare journey.

Lastly, I have to tell you about Band Of Beauty. It’s a $29 per year membership that gives you SO many great perks!

  • Free shipping over $100
  • Spend $50 on your first order and get the Think Clean Welcome Duo ($43 value)
  • Get 10% back in all your purchases as product credit

*Welcome $10 is exclusive to new subscribers and may only be redeemed once.