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I'm all about providing really great practical tips to make your life feel just a tad more put together. Making each day an indigo day is what I aim to do. What is that exactly though? It's that feeling you have when you're bed is made and your house feels instantly tidier. They're easy to tackle tips and how-tos that help to elevate your life. Browse them all so that you can make each day an indigo day.

How To Properly Tie Your Espadrilles

You’re not going to believe this one. You are 100% tying your espadrilles the wrong way. Okay, maybe not ALL of you. But I have yet to meet anyone who knew that there was actually a proper way to tie your espadrilles. A few years ago I fell in love with the espadrille brand out...

my best little life hacks

life hack

Elevate your life in a more intentional way by focusing on you. Some of the best things I've done to elevate my mood are small tiny changes like putting my phone in my office at night, or taking a self-care day. Make yourself a priority and feel more put together with these little life hacks.