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Outside of style and beauty, there's still so much more you can explore and do to make each day an indigo day. From making your home feel like a calming place to relax, to entertaining small gatherings with friends, it's all here. And if you're looking for some advice, I got you covered. I'm dishing everything from dating, health, wellness and career, explore it all!

How I Got Myself To Read More

One of my closest blog friends, Emily, reads like no one I’ve ever met before. She’s always plowing through books. Personally, I’ve always wanted to be more of a reader. However, I could never get myself to really sit down and read in a consistent way. My reading habits usually consisted of maybe reading a...

getting personal

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I love to share even the personal things. Whether it's about dating struggles, managing friendships, or my life lessons of running a blog, I'm an open book. I love sharing with my readers and connecting on a more personal level.