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My style may have evolved over the years, but something always stuck when it came to my personal style. And that's my love for denim and casual pieces. Browse all my best looks from spring and summer, to more cozy layered outfits for fall and winter. Plus, my best style tips to make sure you know how to style the latest trend and get the most out of your closet.

A Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Each new season brings some styling challenges no matter who you are. It’s a shift into a new set of essentials, weather and preferences. Having a capsule wardrobe you can rely on makes getting dressed easier and makes you stick to a style. Which makes you feel good, right? By creating a winter capsule wardrobe...

get dressed for winter

style tip

For winter, my biggest tip to feeling warm yet stylish is to layer the right way. Stick to thin base layers under sweaters and even pants if you need to. And my most favorite winter item are my fleece lined tights. They are a game changer for wearing skirts and dresses.