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Figuring out what to pack before heading out on an adventure can be a little overwhelming. I always like to plan my outfits the best I can and make sure pieces can mix and match easily. Plus, throw in a few extra favorites that you often grab - for me that's tees and a midi skirt - to make sure you have options. To get ready for your next trip, explore my outfits by warm weather destinations, city exploring or winter getaways.

The One Thing I Now Always Pack With Me For Warm Weather Getaways

If you checked out my South of France post here, you’ll see we did a quick visit to Cassis one day. It was not in the plans initially, but we really wanted to see a quaint town on the water. We had expected Nice to be this, but Nice is a MAJOR city.  Truly I...

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One must have item when heading out on a warm weather vacation is a black one piece bathing suit. They're so versatile! Wear to the pool, or pair with shorts or a midi skirt for an extra outfit. And don't forget the SPF!